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Seo (SEO) is an excellent longer-term advertising strategy since it has a lot of time, money, as well as to organically rank highly looking results on Google for virtually any valuable keyword.

By way of example, let's say you're legal counsel that is fresh out of law school, you've gone to live in an urban area or town and are seeking to get established. I've got not so good news for you personally, you're probably going to fail at ranking high on serp's through SEO.

Why is that? Because some other lawyer where you live or city that is certainly practicing within the same part of law when you is performing the exact same thing!

It's likely that those other lawyers or lawyers are already established and still have been owning a strong SEO campaign for a long time. You're simply likely to have invest for 9-18+ months before out-ranking them.
There are many instances of business owners that spent $1,000s per month on SEO for upwards of annually yet still still did not rank inside the top 5 results on page 1 (this is when almost all of the visitors) of Google because of their desired keyword.

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If these business people might have taken that very same money and invested it into Ppc, they would have gotten new leads and new customers right away!

Meaning they'd barely have come up front simply because they may have turned a profit within the first month and after that just reinvested those profits.
WARNING: How are you affected When (not 'If') Google Changes It's SEO Algorithm?

Think about it' Would you rather pay $1,000 each month for the year simply to 'possibly' can get on page 1 for the desired keyword' And then if Google changes their SEO algorithm again you could lose it all overnight with no warning!

' Or, would you want to instantly attend the top listings for Countless different keyword variations (not just a few keywords as with SEO)' And also have new leads and clients arriving your house straight away?

Kinda a no-brainer isn't it.

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